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About me

People don't like to know me much !

Nabeel Khan

Webdesigner , Developer & Business Consultant

Father of 3 wonderful kids and a husband to an awesome wife, i am Nabeel Khan with almost 8 years of experience in the various fields of IT and Engineering. I am a good web designer cum develper and have been developing websites and web apps for a very long time. Good talent for you to decide maybe. Check out my latest work and skills to learn more about me and my skills. This is where i basically express myself.

I love to play cricket , table tennis and PC games. I am a family guy but get along well with my friends and work colleagues.

Got a UK and UAE driving license if that helps and speak fluent English and can kill you in Arabic.

And ya i have my good old CV below incase you are old fashioned.

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Technical Skills

I can say, i know what i m doin

C# & VB.net

Programming for the better

SEO / Marketing

Online and Offline marketing of websites

ASP.net / MVC

Web structuring of the websites neatly


Enhancing the experience of the user

jQuery / Bootstrap

Animated and Sleeky looks


SQL server Management Skills.

Web Services & API's

Making things move the way they should.

Business / Project Management

Keeping the business processes moving smoothly.

Work Experience

Looks very small and Clean !


Premier Technical Gulf UAE

Senior Web Designer

I have been working with this company since 2013 and have gained some serious market knowledge in the UAE and valuable hands-on knowledge.


Macromindz UK Ltd

Senior Web Designer

I started off with this company as a junior inexperienced developer, but in a matter of years i have moved up the grades and acquired some value skills and work knowledge.


Southern Tree Finance

Junior Developer

Just got of to a start at a very basic role learning from the pros, just walking behind the big bosses and nodding the head. This was a good start though never thought would end up moving upto a better company.

Education & Diplomas

Dont like to study but was forced to !



Manchester Metropolitan University

Started my university in 2004 and ended being a graduate in 2007 and since then never looked ahead to study because self study is the best.

July, 2004



Did my A-Levels from pakistan privately and cleared the subjects with ease.

July, 2001

O Levels

St Patricks High School

Studied at the same school for 11 years and passed out from the same school.


Trust me thats my work !

Get In Touch

I m a gud guy if you would like to have a chat for work only .

Contact details

Al Khan, Sharjah

050 197 0510 | 06 530 8730



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